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Enjoy the best of town and country on Oahu. Enjoy the excitement of Waikiki’s world class hotels, dining and shopping. Explore historic Honolulu’s royal palaces, museums, and art galleries. Discover the legendary North Shore’s rustic surf towns, local crafts, and famous beaches. Find outdoor adventure along the Windward Coast’s green mountains and blue waters. Visit Oahu and find the island paradise you have been looking for. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is a unique combination of sport, culture, history, lifestyle and travel in the birthplace of surfing: Hawaii.  Revered as the world’s premier professional surfing series, the Triple Crown is staged annually November 12 thru December 20 in the giant winter waves of Oahu’s North Shore.  Oahu’s urban nature makes it a less scenic island than the others, but the commercial tourism does have its benefits. Visitors need not look further than Waikiki to get their fill of tropical kitsch and frenzied nightlife, and downtown Honolulu offers myriad opportunities to explore Hawaii’s historical and cultural past. However, with little effort, visitors can venture beyond the gift shops and guided tours and uncover the island’s subtler treasures. On the Windward Coast, a pleasant drive passes by rickety fruit stands and acres of pineapple fields on the way to the fabled North Shore, home to some of the world’s best surf breaks. Drive 10 mi. up the Leeward Coast and both the scenery and the mood change dramatically; you’re in rural Hawaii, where inhabitants embrace a slower, more traditional way of life. The luxuriant Manoa Valley overflows with fragrant blossoms and tropical fruit, and hikers have their pick of countless trails that lead to pockets of unspoiled Hawaiian rainforest. On Oahu, visitors can discover the multifaceted appeal of Hawaii. Oahu offers the Big Island’s hippie culture on the sands of the North Shore, Maui’s beauty and opulence in the Windward Coast’s resorts, Kauai’s natural splendor in the lush interior valleys, and Molokai’s rustic charm in the streets of Waimanalo. Consider this your crash course in appreciation of these magnificent islands.





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