Priority Membership Program – The simple way to fly

Classic Jet Charters membership program insures year round availability and enough flexibility to meet your travel needs.  In fact Classic Jet Charters will guarantee availability within as little as 15 hours notice of your desired departure.  Save money on jet charter by becoming a member of this elite program.  By becoming a member you can be assured that our complete flight department will be working specifically for you to meet your needs.  From time sensitive travel to specifics on aircraft type, you can be assured that Classic Jet Charters has it covered.

Benefits of Classic Jet Charters Membership program include:

  1. Charter flexibility.  – You can decide what type of aircraft you would like to use.
  2. Guaranteed availability.  – With Classic you are assured availability year round.
  3. Charter personalization and one-way pricing.  – Provided with an aircraft specific to fit you travel plans.
  4. No Risk – With our program your funds do not expire for 2 years which gives you the freedom to use them when you want.
  5. Personal travel assistant.   – Not only will Classic cover your jet charter needs but we can also help with any other needs from entertainment to hotel lodging and fine dining.

At Classic Jet Charters we understand that time is very important to you.  That is why we work extra hard to guarantee year round availability.  Within 15 hours of notice, and sooner in most cases, we can have you on your way.

Accounts Start at: $50,000 and go up to $150,000
Expiration: Card expires in two years from date of purchase.
Refundable: Jet Card is non refundable.
Flight daily minimums: One hour per day minimums apply for all Light jets.

Two hour per day minimums for all Mid to Heavy jets.

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