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Juneau is Alaska’s State Capital.  Juneau is a culturally and politically rich corner of Alaska. There’s an awful lot to do in Juneau. Chances are, you’ll have trouble figuring out exactly where to start.  The obvious, must-do activity is checking out the glaciers. Mendenhall Glacier is our most popular attraction, and when you see this thing you’ll know why. At its widest point, the glacier is about a half mile wide, with ice 300 to 1,800 feet deep. The fact that something that big can still move is pretty magnificent.  But the Mendenhall is literally just the tip of the iceberg; it’s part of the much larger Juneau Ice field, an area of myriad glaciers including Taku, Eagle, and Herbert. You can explore these mighty ‘bergs on any one of our locally operated tours, including aerial tours or just enjoy the view from your own private jet on your way into the Juneau international airport.




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