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Welcome to Hawaii, America’s paradise. Since Hawaii became the US’s most exotic state in 1959, millions of people have been allured by the islands’ charm—they’ve sunbathed on its spectacular white, black, golden, green, and red sand beaches, become smitten with Hawaiian culture and the forgivably tacky aloha shirts, felt the awesomeness of active volcanoes, and succumbed to the 50th state’s laid-back lifestyle. Hawaii’s six major islands have so many facets that it is impossible to explore them all in one trip. The beauty of the remote trails, verdant wilderness, and dramatic cliffs of Kauai—Hawaii’s oldest and arguably most majestic island—is unrivaled. Maui unveils its elegance on the road to Hana, one of the most beautiful drives in the world, or from the lonely summit of Haleakala National Park. The Big Island brandishes its raw and rugged side at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Waipio and Pololu Valleys. On Oahu, tan or learn to surf at Waikiki’s wide beaches; at night, hit up the glamorous clubs and free beachside hulas and movies. Oahu’s North Shore, the domain of professional surfers, serves as a pleasant escape from the touristy areas elsewhere on the island. Molokai and Lanai remain a Hawaii without stoplights or many paved roads, where street addresses are largely irrelevant and life is best taken slowly. Even without the historic temples and palaces to see, the legends to absorb, the waves to surf, the bays to snorkel in, and the whales to watch, the essence of Hawaii’s appeal may still be that it’s accessible, yet exotic, paradise: part of the US, yet decidedly independent. You will come back for the beaches, lava, hula, hikes, and, above all, for the intangible allure of the islands. Along every coast there is a more secluded stretch of sand, and beyond each stunning vista an even more breathtaking view. The diversity of land, people, and culture ensures that, in Hawaii, the journey never ends





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