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Hailey, Idaho is located 95 miles E of Boise, Idaho (center to center) and 434 miles E of Portland, Oregon. It is in Blaine County. Hailey and nearby Attractions are Blaine County – Historical Museum, Earnest Hemmingway Memorial, Ketchum/ Sun Valley Heritage and Ski Museum, Ore Wagon Museum, and Basque Museum and Cultural Center. Tourists in Hailey can visit the Blaine County – Historical Museum, which is a major attraction because of its historical significance. The Sun Valley is also worth visiting. Tourists can also visit the Basque Museum and Cultural Center and the Earnest Hemmingway Memorial during your free hours. The annual festivals hosted by Hailey include the Springfest, Northern Rockies Folk Festival, Hailey Days of the Old West, Summer Fools Festival, and Blaine County Fair.





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