Citation Jet CJ1

Classic Jet Charters offers the world the largest access to various Citation Jet (CJ1)’s for private jet charters. Classic Jet Charters is able to have a Citation Jet (CJ1) ready to depart in less than a few hours from the time requested.

For your next jet charter, save yourself some time from flying commercial and Rent a Citation Jet (CJ1) and arrive at your destination on your time and at your specific location.

Book a Citation Jet (CJ1) with Classic Jet Charters and fly directly to your destination.  Avoid the hassle of long security lines and canceled flights.

Start to arrange your travel plans with Classic Jet Charters today and Charter a Citation Jet (CJ1) for any upcoming flights.  Choose the time you would like to depart, the airport and any other special arrangements for your flight.

Classic Jet Charters tailors each individual flight to the needs of our clients.  From the moment we begin to plan your flight and after you arrive at your destination, Classic Jet Charters guarantee’s our client’s complete satisfaction.

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