Booking private aircraft on empty legs

For a private jet charter company to be useful to big international businesses they need to have aircraft in the right places at the right time to serve customers: this means planes may be needed anywhere in the world to go anywhere else in the world. Often jets end up in strange out of the way places and need to be taken elsewhere empty but also at major airports too many jets and jets needed elsewhere may stack up. Most movements of planes are planned by companies weeks in advance once they have most of their bookings and they will therefore know that they will have empty legs. An empty leg is wasted fuel in many ways as no one is using the plane or paying for the service, if the company can get some money for the flight then they will. To do this they may discount the cost of a flight so that it is comparable to buying the same number of seats on a flight in business class. This is a substantial saving compared to normal and ideal if the destination fits in with your needs and you are flexible with when it leaves; of course for the best value you will fill the plane and so many companies use empty legs when several employees are being sent to a meeting or a trade event: if they also have a lot to take such as a trade stand the use of a private jet is even more beneficial.

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