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Anaheim – the magic city. A beautiful vacation destination, with something for everyone! A moderate climate year round, with short distance to Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean, Anaheim boasts attractions, recreation, events, and tours that will delight and dazzle. As for amenities, Anaheim provides hotels, restaurants, and nightlife for every need and interest. Go to the heart of the action in Southern California. Get to Anaheim! With such popular attractions as Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm and LEGO land, Anaheim is, of course, perfect for the family vacation. But Anaheim offers other attractions that are also worth the trip. Anaheim attractions include museums, historical monuments, parks, gardens, casinos, aquariums, and of course the Anaheim Angels Baseball team and Mighty Ducks Hockey Team. Anaheim’s attractions pull you to the city, and then to its surrounding areas. Additional attractions around Anaheim include the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach. Or, take thirty minutes drive north to tour the always popular attraction: Hollywood Hills. Anaheim surrounds you with attractions!

Anaheim recreational activities let you choose: go for the action, or slow things down. A most popular Anaheim recreation is golf, with several fabulous courses to choose from. If you want a little more adventure in your recreation, try blimp rides! Other recreation Anaheim offers include water parks, whale watching, fishing, badminton, and even an evening with medieval knights! Whatever your speed and interest, Anaheim’s recreation is year round, and well-rounded. You’ll never want for things to do with the recreation offered in Anaheim. Take the most convenient trip into Anaheim on your own private jet into the John Wayne Orange County Airport.




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