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Aircraft & Locations

Not only do we own our aircraft, we has access to the largest amount of private jets operated by certified private jet carriers for any of your air charter needs.  Whether you are in need of a small personal jet or a large aircraft, not matter where in the world, Classic Jet Charters guarantees availability for our clients.

Membership Program

Classic Jet Charters Membership program offers organizations and people the ease of a dedicated aircraft charter department at your service.  Become a card holder with Classic Jet Charters and start receiving the benefits of our concierge service, personal jet charter consultants and the organization that Classic Jet Charters provides.


Classic Jet Charters is dedicated to ensuring the safe travel of our clients. Classic Jet Charters is an FAA part 135 certified charter so operator.  Our preferred aircraft vendors must be in compliance with FAA regulation as well.  Classic Jet Charters has created a  standard for aircraft safety; operating, maintenance and regulations.?

Local Private Charter Aircraft

At Classic Jet Charters we own our aircraft and are a FAA certified aircraft charter operator.  We also have one of the largest selections of local private jets and charter aircraft from the most valued private jet carriers with the most FAA operators nationwide. Many jet charter operators that own their own aircraft turn to Classic Jet Charters daily for help in fulfilling their own charter flights specifically because their aircraft are not available or they are not in the area of the world  that we can be. View the local premium private aircraft directory or take advantage of empty leg flights, floating aircraft and one-way charters around the world.

Classic Jet Charters strives to provide multiple private aircraft options for each of your charter flights with the highest levels of safety, convenience and competitive pricing.  At the local level and nationwide Classic Jet Charters guarantees charter aircraft availability at a great price.  Because we own our aircraft and have a network of preferred aircraft charter vendors nationwide we are available to quote any flight at lowest price.

Air Charter Flights Made Easy

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of Classic Jet Charters being a FAA certified charter operator and nationwide availability of local based aircraft, floating fleets, and discounted empty legs with FAA-certified aircraft operators, and the convenience, quality and flexibility for every private jet charter flight. Contact our knowledgeable flight scheduling team 24 hours a day for any charter flight needs.  For any quote request we can give you a soft price quote over the phone, then typically in a few hours from the time of the request a hard price quote with several aircraft options, total price, and photos.

Contact Classic Jet Charters by Email or phone, 800-444-9220

With its own charter aircraft FAA certification and others through highly rated FAA operators nationwide, Classic Jet Charters presents more options to choose from for each and every flight, this also allows you to select the most proper aircraft for each trip. See the nationwide charter aircraft listing page for locations and aircraft available.


Classic Jet Charters is dedicated to ensuring the safe travel of our clients. Classic Jet Charters is part 135 certified so our preferred aircraft vendors must be in compliance with FAA regulation known as FAR part 135. The FAR Part 135 certification was created to provide a standard for which aircraft safety; operating, maintenance, regulations and licensing are measured.

Classic Jet Charters also uses a number of aviation reports to maintain the safety of its own charter operation and the safety operations of air carriers who wish to be approved vendors. Through Wyvern, Classic Jet Charters uses both the SIR (Safety Intelligence Report) and PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) programs. Classic Jet Charters also uses the gold rating from ARG/US for its self and preferred vendors to be considered

In addition to the minimum standards set forth by FAR Part 135, Classic Jet Charters has set its own standard for all charter flights. This standard is in place to provide assurance that every private flight booked is conducted in the safest possible manner.

Empty Legs & Discounted Jet Charters Nationwide

Through our widespread associations with aircraft operators around the country we are able to present our clients with the largest selection of discounted one-way charter flights and empty legs in the industry. Can’t find your routing? A Classic Jet Charters Flight Schedules may be able to help you take advantage of point to point pricing on charter flights that lie within the flight path of these one-way flights. See our One-Way Jet Charter page

Choice of Aircraft and Price

On our Aircraft Charter Directory page we show aircraft models within their respective classes. Classic Jet Charters has access to over 4,000 private jet aircraft worldwide. For more information on specific aircraft in your area please call to receive recommendations on the most appropriate, comfortable aircraft within your charter budget.  Contact our charter representatives at 800-444-9220.

All flights are operated by Classic Jet Charters or Part 135 carriers. Operators providing service for Classic Jet Charters clients must meet standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for safety, security and service.

The Most Qualified Service Providers in the Industry

Classic Jet Charters is a certified FAA part 135 charter operator. As a certificate holding entity, Classic Jet Charters must comply with a number of FAA requirements regarding areas such as flight operations, maintenance and training. Our preferred aircraft carrier must be in compliance with FAA regulation as well because we understand the importance. Our company has the knowledge, experience and FAA Certifications.

Classic Jet Charters has flown for prominent individuals such as top industry professionals, sports teams, celebrity, and government officials.  We have been in the aviation industry for 20 years.  Classic Jet Charters is not just a jet charter company, we own a fleet of helicopters, maintenance facilities, FBO’s and fly as an air medical service.

Largest Charter Aircraft Availability

Classic Jet Charters will give you the best rates and aircraft available.  As your jet charter company we get you FAA certified private charter aircraft that gives you top luxury service with you in control choosing from our entire fleet.  Classic Jet Charters does it all for you.  Some charter companies only have just a few aircraft in common locations.  This can cause marked up prices and low selection of aircraft and crews.  Classic Jet Charters gives you a connection to the entire market.  We give you the luxury and quality of flying jet charter with the best guaranteed price.  This gives you selection from our aircraft, operator carrier, and top-rated jets.  Our private jet charter locations listing is below to give you all the details and options you need.

Private Jet Charter Locations

West Midwest South Northeast International
Alaska Illinois Alabama Connecticut Amsterdam Netherlands
Anchorage Alaska Aurora Illinois Birmingham Alabama Bridgeport Connecticut Athens Greece
Fairbanks Alaska Bloomington Illinois Mobile Alabama Groton Connecticut Auckland New Zealand
Juneau Alaska Champaign Montgomery Alabama Hartford Connecticut Avignon France
Arizona Chicago Illinois Tuscaloosa Alabama Milford Connecticut Bangkok Thailand
Deer Valley Arizona Effingham Illinois Summerdale Alabama Mystic Connecticut Barcelona Spain
Glendale Arizona Galesburg Illinois Arkansas New Haven Connecticut Beijing China
Flagstaff Arizona Rockford Illinois Batesville Arkansas Maine Bergen Norway
Kingman Arizona Springfield Illinois Eureka Springs Arkansas Bangor Maine Berlin Germany
Mesa Arizona West Chicago Illinois Fayetteville Arkansas Portland Maine Bologna Italy
Page Arizona (Lake Powell) Waukegan Illinois Fort Smith Arkansas Massachusetts Brussels Belgium
Phoenix Arizona Naperville Illinois Hot Springs Arkansas Bedford Massachusetts Bucharest Romania
Prescott Arizona Indiana Little Rock Arkansas Boston Massachusetts Budapest Hungary
Scottsdale Arizona Evansville Indiana Delaware Cambridge Massachusetts Buenos Aires Argentina
Sedona Arizona Fort Wayne Indiana Wilmington Delaware Hyannis Massachusetts Cairo Egypt
Tucson Arizona Gary Indiana Rehoboth Beach Delaware Lexington Massachusetts Calgary Canada
Yuma Arizona Indianapolis Indiana Dover Delaware Plymouth Massachusetts Cannes France
California South Bend Indiana Newark Delaware New Hampshire Cape Town South Africa
Anaheim California Warsaw Indiana Georgetown Delaware Concord New Hampshire Cardiff UK
Bakersfield California Iowa New Castle Delaware Conway New Hampshire Copenhagen Denmark
Burbank California Ames Iowa Florida Lincoln New Hampshire Delhi India
Carlsbad California Des Moines Iowa Boca Raton Florida Manchester New Hampshire Dubai United Arab Emirates
Hayward California Iowa City Iowa Clearwater Florida Portsmouth New Hampshire Dublin Ireland
Hollywood California Mason City Iowa Daytona Beach Florida New Jersey Edinburgh Scotland
Lincoln California Sioux City Iowa Fort Lauderdale Florida Atlantic City New Jersey Florence Italy
Long Beach California Kansas Gainesville Florida Caldwell New Jersey Frankfurt Germany
Los Angeles California Kansas City Kansas Jacksonville Florida Jersey City New Jersey Geneva Switzerland
Mammoth Lake California Topkaka Kansas Key West Florida Millville New Jersey Glasgow Scotland
Modesto California Olathe Kansas Miami Florida Morristown New Jersey Hanover Germany
Monterey California Michigan Naples Florida Newark New Jersey Havana Cuba
Napa California Detroit Michigan Orlando Florida Trenton New Jersey Helsinki Finland
Oakland California Lansing Michigan Pensacola Florida New York Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Ontario California Grand Rapids Michigan Panama City Florida Albany New York Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR
Palm Springs California Mackinaw city Michigan St. Augustine Florida Brooklyn New York Istanbul Turkey
Sacramento California Pontiac Michigan St. Petersburg Florida Buffalo New York Jerusalem Israel
San Diego California Traverse City Michigan Stuart Florida Farmingdale New York Johannesburg South Africa
San Francisco California Waterford Michigan Tallahassee Florida Little Falls New York Krakow Poland
San Jose California Ypsilanti Michigan Tampa Florida Long Island New York Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
San Luis Obispo California Minnesota West Palm Beach Florida Manhattan New York Lima Peru
Santa Ana California Bloomington Minnesota Georgia New York New York Lisbon Portugal
Santa Barbara California Duluth Minnesota Athens Georgia Rochester New York London UK
Santa Monica California Minneapolis Minnesota Atlanta Georgia South Hampton New York Lyon France
Santa Rosa California Red Wing Minnesota Augusta Georgia Teterboro New York Madrid Spain
Temecula California Rochester Minnesota Columbus Georgia West Hampton New York Manila Philippines
Thermal California St. Paul Minnesota Macon Georgia White Plains New York Marrakech Morocco
Van Nuys California Missouri Kentucky Pennsylvania Melbourne Australia
Colorado Columbia Missouri Florence Kentucky Allentown Pennsylvania Mexico City Mexico
Aspen Colorado East St. Louis Missouri Frankfort Kentucky Harrisburg Pennsylvania Milan Italy
Boulder Colorado Independence Missouri Lexington Kentucky Lancaster Pennsylvania Minneapolis-St Paul USA
Broomfield Colorado Jefferson City Missouri Louisville Kentucky Philadelphia Pennsylvania Montreal Canada
Colorado Springs Colorado Kansas City Missouri Louisiana Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Moscow Russia
Durango Colorado Netherlands Missouri Baton Rouge Louisiana Scranton Pennsylvania Mumbai (Bombay) India
Denver Colorado Springfield Missouri Lafayette Louisiana Rhode Island Munich Germany
Eagle Colorado St. Louis Missouri New Orleans Louisiana Providence Rhode Island Oslo Norway
Fort Collins Colorado Nebraska Ruston Louisiana Newport Rhode Island Paris France
Rifle Colorado Kearney Nebraska Shreveport Louisiana Warwick Rhode Island Perth Australia
Telluride Colorado Lincoln Nebraska Maryland Vermont Prague Czech Republic
Vail Colorado Nebraska City Nebraska Annapolis Maryland Bennington Vermont Quebec City Canada
Hawaii Omaha Nebraska Baltimore Maryland Burlington Vermont Reykjavik Iceland
Hawaii Hawaii Scottsbluff Nebraska Rockville Maryland Killington Vermont Riga Latvia
Honolulu Hawaii Sidney Nebraska Mississippi Jeffersonville Vermont Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Kauai Hawaii North Dakota Biloxi Mississippi Stratton Vermont Rome Italy
Kona Hawaii Grand Forks North Dakota Gulfport Mississippi Washington DC Dulles Santiago Chile
Maui Island Hawaii Bismarck North Dakota Jackson Mississippi Washington DC Reagan Santiago de Compostela Spain
Oahu Hawaii Forgo North Dakota Vicksburg Mississippi Shanghai China
Waikiki Hawaii Medora North Dakota North Carolina Singapore Singapore
Idaho Jamestown North Dakota Asheville North Carolina Sofia Bulgaria
Boise Idaho Riverdale North Dakota Charlotte North Carolina St Petersburg Russia
Hailey Idaho Ohio Durham North Carolina Stockholm Sweden
Idaho Falls Idaho Akron Ohio Greensboro North Carolina Strasbourg France
Pocatello Idaho Cincinnati Ohio Raleigh North Carolina Sydney Australia
Sun Valley Idaho Cleveland Ohio Wilmington North Carolina Tel Aviv Israel
Twin Falls Idaho Columbus Ohio Oklahoma Tokyo Japan
Montana Dayton Ohio Clinton Oklahoma Toronto Canada
Billings Montana Logan Ohio Edmond Oklahoma Vancouver Canada
Bozeman Montana Powell Ohio Oklahoma City Oklahoma Venice Italy
Butte Montana Sandusky Ohio Norman Oklahoma Vienna Austria
Kalispell Montana Smithville Ohio Tulsa Oklahoma Warsaw Poland
Missoula Montana South Dakota South Carolina Zurich Switzerland
Nevada Rapid City South Dakota Charleston South Carolina
Boulder City Nevada Sioux Falls South Dakota Columbia South Carolina
Carson City Nevada Wall South Dakota Florence South Carolina
Elko Nevada Custer South Dakota Greenville South Carolina
Henderson Nevada Keystone South Dakota Tennessee
Las Vegas Nevada Mitchell South Dakota Cleveland Tennessee
North Las Vegas Nevada Wisconsin Gatlinburg Tennessee
Reno Nevada Appleton Wisconsin Knoxville Tennessee
New Mexico Cedarburg Wisconsin Memphis Tennessee
Albuquerque New Mexico Green Bay Wisconsin Manchester Tennessee
Carlsbad New Mexico Hudson Wisconsin Nashville Tennessee
Santa Fe New Mexico Madison Wisconsin Texas
Taos New Mexico Milwaukee Wisconsin Amarillo Texas
Oregon Rice Lake Wisconsin Arlington Texas
Bandon Oregon Waukesha Wisconsin Austin Texas
Bend Oregon Dallas Texas
Hillsboro Oregon El Paso Texas
Medford Oregon Fort Worth Texas
Newport Oregon Galveston Texas
Portland Oregon Houston Texas
Salem Oregon Irving Texas
Utah San Antonio Texas
Heber City Utah Sugar Land Texas
Moab Utah Virginia
Ogden Utah Alexandria Virginia
Salt Lake City Utah Arlington Virginia
St. George Utah Chesapeake Virginia
Washington Norfolk Virginia
Everett Washington Richmond Virginia
Seattle Washington West Virginia
Spokane Washington Charleston West Virginia
Tacoma Washington Fayetteville West Virginia
Vancouver Washington Huntington West Virginia
Wyoming Morgantown West Virginia
Casper Wyoming
Cheyenne Wyoming
Cody Wyoming
Gillette Wyoming
Jackson Wyoming
Jackson Hole Wyoming
Laramie Wyoming

International Jet Charter Locations

Albania (republic of)
American samoa
Angola, republic of
Anguilla is.
Antigua & barbuda
Aruba is.
Benin, people’s republic
Bhutan, kingdom of
Bolivia (republic of)
Bosnia & hercegovina
Botswana, republic of
British virgin islands
Brunei darussalam
Bulgaria, republic of
Burkina faso
Burundi, republic of
Cambodia, kingdom of
Cameroon, republic of
Canary Islands
Cape verde, republic of
Cayman is.
Central african rep.
Chad, republic of
China, people’s rep. of
Christmas is.
Cocos (keeling) is.
Colombia, republic of
Comoros is.
Cook is.
Corse Is.
Costa rica
Cuba, republic of
Czech republicDenmark
Diego Garcia Island
Dominica, commonwealth of
Dominican republic
East Timor
El salvador, republic of
Equatorial guinea, rep.
Falkland is.
Faroe islands
Fiji is., republic of
French guiana
French polynesia
Ghana, republic of
Grenada is.
Guatemala, republic of
Guernsey Is.
Guinea, republic of
Guinea-bissau, rep. of
Haiti, republic of
Honduras, republic of
Hong kong
Hungary, republic of
Iceland, republic of
Iran, islamic republic of
Iraq, republic of
Ivory Coast
Johnston Atoll
Kazakhstan, republic of
Kenya, republic of
Kiribati, republic of
Lao people’s dem. rep.
Lebanon, republic of
Leeward Islands
Lesotho, kingdom of
Libyan arab jamahiriya
Line Islands
Luxemburg, grand duchyMacau
Madagascar, dem. rep. of
Malawi, republic of
Maldives (rep. of)
Mali, republic of
Marshall is., republic of
Mauritania, islamic rep.
Mauritius is.
Mayotte is.
Micronesia, fed. states
Midway atoll
Moldova, republic of
Montserrat Island
Mozambique, republic of
Myanmar (burma)
N. korea, dem people rep
Nepal, kingdom of
Netherlands antilles
Netherlands, kingdom of
New caledonia is.
New zealand
Nicaragua, republic of
Niger, republic of
Norfolk is., territory of
Northern mariana is.
North Ireland
Palau, republic of
Panama, republic of
Papua new guinea
Paraguay, republic of

Phoenix Island
Poland, republic of

Puerto rico

Republic of georgia
Reunion is.

Russian federation
Rwanda, republic of
S korea (rep. of)
Saint lucia
Sao tome & principe
Saudi arabia
Senegal, republic of
Seychelles, republic of
Sierra leone, republic of
Slovenia, republic of
South africa
Spanish North Africa
Sri lanka -dem soc rep of
St kitts & nevis is.
St pierre & miquelon
St. vincent & grenadines
Sudan, republic of
Swaziland, kingdom of
Syrian arab republic
Taiwan, republic of china
Tanzania (united rep. of)
Tonga, kingdom of
Trinidad & tobago, rep of
Tuamotu Islands
Tunisia, republic of
Turks & caicos islands
Tuvalu Island
United arab emirates
United kingdom
Uruguay, republic of
Uzbekistan, republic of
Vanuatu is., republic of
Wallis & futuna is.
West Timor
Zambia, republic of

Private Jet Charter Index

Location West Location Central Location East Aircraft Specifics Charter Type
Arizona Air Charter Austin Air Charter Boca Raton Air Charter Executive Turbo Prop Charters Airline Charters
Arizona Private Jet Charter Austin Private Jet Charter Boca Raton Private Jet Charter Executive Twin Charters Airplane Charters
Arizona Charter Flights Austin Charter Flights Boca Raton Charter Flights Heavy Jet Charters Business Aircraft Charters
Hawaii Air Charter Dallas Air Charter Chicago Air Charter Large Cabin Charters Business Charters
Hawaii Private Jet Charter Dallas Private Jet Charter Chicago Private Jet Charter Large Cabin Jet Charters Business Jet Charters
Hawaii Charter Flights Dallas Charter Flights Chicago Charter Flights Light Cabin Charters Charter Airline
Las Vegas Air Charter Denver Air Charter Fort Lauderdale Air Charter Light Cabin Jet Charters Charter Aircraft
Las Vegas Private Jet Charter Denver Private Jet Charter Fort Lauderdale Private Jet Charter Light Jet Charters Charter Airplanes
Las Vegas Charter Flights Denver Charter Flights Fort Lauderdale Charter Flights Midsize Jet Charters Charter Flights
Los Angeles Air Charter Houston Air Charter Kansas City Air Charter Single Engine Charters Charter Jets
Los Angeles Private Jet Charter Houston Private Jet Charter Kansas City Private Jet Charter Super Midsize Jet Charters Empty Let Charters
Los Angeles Charter Flights Houston Charter Flights Kansas City Charter Flights Turbo Prop Airliner Charters Empty Let Jet Charters
Palm Springs Air Charter Jackson Hole Air Charter Miami Air Charter Turbo Prop Jet Charters Executive Airliner Charters
Palm Springs Private Jet Charter Jackson Hole Private Jet Charter Miami Private Jet Charter Executive Jet Charters
Palm Springs Charter Flights Jackson Hole Charter Flights Miami Charter Flights Jet Charters
Phoenix Air Charter Salt Lake City Air Charter Naples Air Charter One Way Charters
Phoenix Private Jet Charter Salt Lake City Private Jet Charter Naples Private Jet Charter One Way Jet Charters
Phoenix Charter Flights Salt Lake City Charter Flights Naples Charter Flights Private Charters
San Diego Air Charter San Antonio Air Charter New York Air Charter Private Jet Charters
San Diego Private Jet Charter San Antonio Private Jet Charter New York Private Jet Charter Round Trip Charters
San Diego Charter Flights San Antonio Charter Flights New York Charter Flights Round Trip Jet Charters
San Francisco Air Charter St. Louis Air Charter Nashville Air Charter
San Francisco Private Jet Charter St. Louis Private Jet Charter Nashville Private Jet Charter
San Francisco Charter Flights St. Louis Charter Flights Nashville Charter Flights
Scottsdale Air Charter St. Paul Air Charter Washington DC Air Charter
Scottsdale Private Jet Charter St. Paul Private Jet Charter Washington DC Private Jet Charter
Scottsdale Charter Flights St. Paul Charter Flights Washington DC Charter Flights
Utah Air Charter Wyoming Air Charter West Palm Beach Air Charter
Utah Private Jet Charter Wyoming Private Jet Charter West Palm Beach Private Jet Charter
Utah Charter Flights Wyoming Charter Flights West Palm Beach Charter Flights

Private Jet Charter Aircraft List

Turbo Props Light Jets Mid-Size Jets Super Mid-Size Jets Heavy Jets
King Air 90 Beech Jet 400 Hawker 700 Falcon 20 Embraer Legacy 600
King Air 100 Hawker 400XP Hawker 800 Lear Jet 55 Gulfstream 200
King Air 200 Eclipse 500 Hawker 800XP Lear Jet 60XP Gulfstream 350
King Air 300 Phenom 100 Hawker 850XP Hawker 1000 Gulfstream 450
King Air 350 Phenom 300 Hawker 900XP Gulfstream 150 Gulfstream 550
Cheyenne II Falcon 10 Citation III Citation Sovereign Falcon 2000
Merlin III Lear Jet 31 Citation XLS Citation X Falcon 900
Pilatus PC-12 Lear Jet 35 Citation Excel Challenger 300 Challenger 600
Cessna 441 Lear Jet 40 Falcon 50 Global Express
Lear Jet 45
Citation Mustang
Citation I
Citation II
Citation Encore
Citation Bravo
Citation V
Citation Jet (CJ1)
Citation Jet  2 (CJ2)
Citation Jet 3 (CJ3)
Citation Jet 4 (CJ4)